Monday, February 4, 2013

Just To Know: Wanna Get Blasted? Well...DNA Blasted?

SelectaDNA High Velocity DNA Tagging System

Has made a weapon that won't harm you but track you. You as in Your DNA.
How Does It Work?


Tiny pin-head sized flat circular dots which are just visible to the naked eye.
Under a microscope you are able to read the unique customer code and database phone number.


SelectaDNA is made from synthetic DNA, meaning that the number of possible unique codes is infinite.
Furthermore, it cannot be analysed without prior knowledge of the ‘Key Codes’, and therefore can’t be copied by any third party.


The SelectaDNA database conforms to the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s standards ensuring the security of your data.
Furthermore, it is available for the Police to search 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



SelectaDNA is a completely non-toxic product meaning the protection of your assets does not have any impact on the environment.


SelectaDNA contains a UV tracer so that if a stolen item is recovered, the DNA can be easily found by the Police by holding under a UV lamp



Identifying an individual in a crowd or at a distance can be challenging for law enforcement officers and police especially when they are in riot situations or experiencing crowd control problems.
Available in pistol and rifle form, this new and practical concept allows police and military to remain at a safe distance (up to 30-40 metres) from a potential target while deploying the SelectaDNA High Velocity pellet.
By using the new SelectaDNA High Velocity System, a uniquely-coded DNA pellet can be used to mark an individual so that they can be apprehended at a less confrontational time for officers.
Selectamark Managing Director Andrew Knights said: "On contact with the target the uniquely-coded SelectaDNA solution leaves a synthetic DNA trace mark that will enable the relevant authorities to confirm or eliminate that person from their involvement in a particular situation and could ultimately lead to arrest and prosecution."
The SelectaDNA High Velocity System comes in two forms - Rifle or Pistol. Both systems offer similar range and accuracy with the real difference being the size, power source and ammunition capacity.
The Pistol is powered by a 12g powerlet offering up to 20 shots per powerlet.
The SelectaDNA pellets are supplied in packs of 14 pellets to a container. All pellets in a pack contain the same unique DNA code. The pellets can be used in either the pistol or the rifle.

  • DNA pellets can tag clothes and penetrate through to skin - staying there for weeks
  • Allows police can tag troublemakers during riots
  • Officers can then use the trace to place suspects at the scene of a crime using UV readers or sniffer dogs to find those tagged