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Just To Know: Skin Bleaching: Don't You Like Your Skin?

Skin Bleaching
You Don't Like Your Melatonin?

Skin whitening, skin lightening and skin bleaching is the process of using natural and chemical substances in the form of soaps, pills, creams, etc. in order to lighten skin color or provide an even toned complexion.

Motives behind the use of skin lightening products vary considerably between cultures.

In many cultures skin whitening is pursued.

White skin is associated with beauty aristocracy and wealth in some countries, so whiter skin can project those qualities.
Skin lightening or skin bleaching, has existed for thousands of years.

The desire for pale skin has roots in India's history.  Hinduism's complex social hierarchy, or caste system. In India, white skin is considered as a mark of class and caste as well as an asset. A white complexion was seen as noble and aristocratic. Those higher up the scale generally tend to have paler skins because the rich and educated could afford to stay indoors, while the poor and uneducated were forced to work outdoors.

In Asia, women were deeply influenced by the concept that a white complexion is powerful enough to hide a number of faults. In ancient China and Japan the saying:
 "one white covers up three ugliness

This was passed through the generations. Asian countries have long histories of utilizing white skin  of personal beauty. In China, “milk-white” skin is a symbol of beauty. In Korea, flawless skin like white jade and an absence of freckles and scars have been preferred since the first dynasty.

Ancient cultures used botanicals and mineral compositions of various kinds to facilitate skin lightening. Several of these materials, researched in recent years, have been found to contain natural enzyme/hormone inhibitors, antioxidants and sunscreens. The Chinese grounded pearl from seashells into powder and swallow it to whiten their skin, while across the Yellow Sea, applying white powder to the face has been considered a woman’s moral duty since the Edo period. In Korea various methods of lightening the skin have long been used such as applying miansoo lotion and dregs of honey. Women in South India bathed with turmeric (Turmeric has a peppery, warm and bitter flavor and a mild fragrance slightly reminiscent of orange and ginger, and while it is best known as one of the ingredients used to make curry, it also gives ballpark mustard its bright yellow color.
Turmeric comes from the root of the Curcuma longa plant and has a tough brown skin and a deep orange flesh. Turmeric has long been used as a powerful anti-inflammatory in both the Chinese and Indian systems of medicine. Turmeric was traditionally called "Indian saffron" because of its deep yellow-orange color and has been used throughout history as a condiment, healing remedy and textile dye.) which is now known for its skin lightening and anti-inflammatory properties.

In modern culture, not only does skin lightness affect perceptions of a woman’s beauty, but her marital prospects, job prospects, social status, and earning potential.
 Skin whitening and lightening products have dramatic growth worldwide during the past few decades. The skin-lightening industry is estimated to be worth at least £100m in India and some analysts are estimating it could be worth billions of dollars worldwide.

Mass media and the fashion industry also play important roles in reinforcing the yearning for white skin.

Melanin is a biological pigment that can be found in hair, the eyes, the ear, the brain and other parts of the human body. 

There are three main types of melanin. 
Eumelanin, pheomelanin and neuromelanin. 

Eumelanin is the most abundant type of melanin in humans. It can be found in two variations. Black eumelanin and brown eumelanin.

Neuromelanin can be found in the medulla, the adrenal gland and pigment bearing neurons (locus coeruleus, substantia nigra, etc.) in the brain.

Pheomelanin is a red-yellow pigment found both in lighter-skinned humans and darker skinned humans. it contains sulphur (sulphur is
 incorporated into the melanin molecule through the amino compound cysteine. Cysteine is an amino compound that is organized around sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon. This amino acid facilitates melanin’s heat and energy transference. In other words, it allows melanin to create or release heat as is needed for the body. cysteine also cleanses and purifies melanin by ‘burning off’ toxic elements that have been absorbed within melanin.) and is alkali soluble.

Stones For Sulfer: Cleanse and purify melanin. These stones also facilitate melanin’s ability to transform heat into physical energy and visa versa. Sulfur based stones include: Cobaltite, Gypsum, Lazurite (Lapis Lazuli), Marcasite, Pyrite, Sulfur.

Your Melanin possess photochemical qualities that makes it an excellent photoprotectant, these protective qualities of melanin rely upon its ability to absorb harmful UV-radiation and transform the solar energy into harmless heat through a process called "ultrafast internal conversion". By this method, melanin can dissipate more than 99.9% of the absorbed UV radiation as heat. This prevents the indirect DNA damage that is responsible for the formation of malignant melanoma and other skin cancers.

Interestingly UV radiation, when it comes in contact with pheomelanin, it possesses the ability of inducing the release of free radicals in the skin, thus intensifying skin damage rather than protecting the skin.

Artificial Melanin

The cosmetic industry claims that the UV filter acts as a "artificial melanin". But those artificial substances used in sunscreens do not efficiently dissipate the energy of the UV photon as heat. Instead these substances have a very long excited state lifetime.
In fact, the substances used in sunscreens are often uses as photosensitizer in chemical reactions. i.e. Benzophenone
This discrepancy between melanin and sunscreen ingredients is one of the reasons for the increased melanoma risk that can be found in sunscreen users compared to non-users. i.e 

What Are The Negative Affects?
Long term use of skin whiteners can lead to pigmentation increasing to the joints of the fingers, toes, buttocks and ears. The skin on your face can become thinned and the area around the eyes can have increased pigmentation causing a 'bleach panda effect'

There is evidence to suggest that some types of skin-whitening products use active ingredients: such as mercurous chloride (This is a toxic, it was used in medicine as a diuretic and purgative (laxative) in the U.S from the early 1830's through 1860's, this is found in cosmetics as soaps and skin lightening creams, but they are now illegal to manufacture or import in many countries in the U.S, Canada, Japan, and the European Union.) and hydroquinone which can be harmful. 

Hydroquinone has now been banned in Europe and in many other countries, it can only be prescribed by a doctor for certain skin conditions.

A test of common skin lightening creams that are available in Nigeria showed that they caused mutations in bacteria and were possibly carcinogenic.

There is a growing market in skin lightening products that are toxic-free. They are very costly due to their expensive ingredients. In Japan and the Pacific are big markets for high quality skin lightening products that are imported from Europe. 

Main Hydroquinone Side Effects

  • Hydroquinone is the only skin bleaching chemical recognized by the FDA. Skin bleaching creams may have different percentages of Hydroquinone in their compound, but any skin bleaching cream with over 2% may cause side effects. The most common side effect of skin bleaching is skin irritation and a burning sensation. The itching or stinging of the skin should be mild and temporary, with some reddening of skin where cream is applied.
Hydroquinone is one of the most commonly used skin lightening agents on the market here in the U.S. It is also a chemical agent commonly used in the development of photography. The ingredient has been banned due to numerous safety issues and serious toxicity in Europe, Japan and several other countries.

Used in a wide variety of prescription and non-prescription skin bleaching products. 
Any product with a concentration of four percent or higher must be obtained  prescription only.
 It is  prescribed by dermatologists to women of color as well as women with lighter skin who are experiencing hyperpigmentation, brown or age spots, and melasma.

Melasma: Also known as Chloasma faciei, or the mask of pregnancy when present in pregnant women, this is a tan or dark skin discoloration. Although it can affect anyone, melasma is particularly common in women, especially pregnant women and those who are taking oral or patch contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It is also prevalent in men and women of Native American descent (on the forearms) and in men and women of German, Russian, and Jewish descent (on the face)

This is a dark, irregular well demarcated hyperpigmented macules to patches commonly found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, upper lip, and forehead. They often develop gradually over time. Melasma does not cause any other symptoms beyond the cosmetic discoloration.

Hydroiquinone is a carcinogen which has been identified as both a potential clastogen (a toxin that has the capability of causing breaks in chromosomes, causing sections of them to be destroyed, and to rearrange the sections and thus cause mutations which can lead to various types of cancer.) and mutagen (A mutagen is a material that causes mutations and damage in DNA. When the DNA is altered, this can cause any number of chain reactions that can negatively impact the health, including cancerous growth of cells and cell division.)  

The FDA approved hydroquinone for use in topical applications, but can't ignore the fact that it has carcinogenic properties. In 2006 there was an attempt to ban the chemical in over the counter topical skin bleaching products containing the material, this was never seen through.

 The chemical has shown immunity-weakening side effects
It is also a concern that it is  a neurotoxin, which affects the nervous system and lungs have also surfaced.

Skin cancer is a risk, it also prevents the skin from discoloring and helps to lighten already-darkened areas on the skin such as liver spots, discoloration and melasma.

The mechanism that inhibits melanin production  lets UV light penetrate the skin more deeply. It makes UV exposure more carcinogenic, this increases the depth the skin absorbing the DNA-damaging rays. People who use hydroquinone products are told to wear a sunscreen, or to use the product only before you sleep, leaving you no risk of UV exposure.

It can cause a side effect that is worse than the condition it is supposed to "treat". This side effect becomes more likely with longer use of products containing the ingredient. The condition is called "exogenous ochronosis" this will cause the skin to make blue and black pigments, causing blotches of dark spots on your skin.

Allergic Reaction to Skin Bleach

  • Allergic reactions can occur from skin bleaching, and would result in severe burning or itching of the skin. The pain would be severe and intolerable. Crusting on the skin could appear, as well as swelling of areas where skin bleach has been applied. 

Mercury Side Effects

  • Skin bleaching creams containing mercury should not be used for long periods of time. Mercury can cause poisoning, and mercury in creams can start accumulating in the cells of the body. Too much mercury exposure, or poisoning, can lead to liver damage and kidney failure.

Sun Ray Exposure

  •  Hydroquinone and mercury cause skin to be hyper-sensitive to sun rays. Tanning beds or any type of sun lamps should be avoided.


  • Benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, or other peroxide products should not be used with skin bleaching creams, especially when using hydroquinone. The combination of hydroquinone and peroxide can cause temporary dark staining of the skin.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

  • Skin bleaching is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. The cream can get into the mother's bloodstream and travel to the fetus.

Embrace Your Skin, How Can You Take Care Of it?

Your Melanin can become toxic, when you eat improper foods or overeat, you can block your connection with the sun’s energy. When the sun’s energy cannot reach the melanin, diseases manifest. Any individual who might have toxic melanin will act in a very similar manner, that which is primitive, animalistic, and barbaric.  It has physical properties, and personality traits, which distinguishes it from others. That’s why our bodies are dedicated to making melanin.
Vitamin B keeps your melanin clean, and good eating habits. Consuming pork, smoking weed, and drinking alcohol will not help but make it  toxic. It gets charged exposed to things such as light, sound, color, and sun light. And absorb it to the point where the melanin will actually absorb the additional energy and recharge itself, taking it to another level.

Your body is committed to creating melanin so you can survive. 

The melanin in your body is always partial charged. When you look around things like sound, light, sunlight, or colors,  If you’re around sounds that aren’t good for you your body reacts to it. People with melanin are walking radios and the very dark skinned people are very sensitive to the different types of radio frequency or thought patterns that are in the environment. So everything you do, everything you listen to, everything you eat affects you. It affects your melanin.

Please Be Aware Of This Epidemic 
This Is a 4-Part Series "Yellow Babes"
Also, A Word From The Master Teacher Malachi Zodok

Just To Know: Illegal Butt Shots & The "Black Woman" Epidemic

By: Sadiyya Muhammad a.k.a "KNOWLEDGE"

So that’s MY biggest thing. Do you understand? Just know that you could, you might be able to walk in the hotel, but you might not walk out. You know what I AM saying? That’s my thing, and a lot of girls that get shots are mad at me for saying this. But, in my defense, it is the truth. Why don’t you want tell the truth? You don’t want nobody to know that you got a fake butt. But even more you don’t want nobody to know how stupid you were to go get it, because it could have cost you your life.
If you’ve ever had an illegal butt shot her a few things that could be making it’s way through your body.

I Never Judge anyone safety first ladies, Love you for you & not for what they want you to be. If it is your desire to have a larger derriere and you would want to achieve such by getting buttocks injections, you might as well know exactly what you are getting into and what you need to prepare. The media highlights being beautiful as big breast & traffic stopping booty! And to have a certain parts of your body enhanced, you should work for it or leave it. 

Squats, running and good diet, works wonders with the right dedication.


People of the world, please think twice before you ever walk into a hotel room to receive a silicone injection in your butt. A woman died after visiting once such medically-rigged room, prompting a full blown police investigation. 

The shear instant gratification possible with this procedure is enormous. You can really go from flat bottomed to a beautiful curvaceous back end in a couple of hours. This is what makes a lot of women jump prematurely. I know I have to be impulse careful it is my personal nature. You need to take a step back and really remind yourself that this is not cosmetic surgery.  
Hey did you happen to hear the Ass (Dance) remix with Nicki Minaj going "'s finally soft, I don't know man, guess them ass shots wore off..."

I hope young women out there don't take that to heart and run out trying to get ass shots. The reason I hope young women don't take that line seriously is because many, many girls out there want an ass just like hers and would do anything to get it.  

Yes, they'll do anything - including having shady "procedures" done that could end their life.

The most common way to find a connection to get these dangerous injections is through a stripper, as many strippers have their body parts enhanced. It's been said that those who have ass shots done have really hard booties that don't really bounce or jiggle. It doesn't have that nice movement that a real ass has. While many of the consumers of illegal butt injections are exotic dancers and models, according to me, many of the women getting the procedure are “regular” women often using tax refunds to get the enhancement.
As the rear ends of video models get bigger and bigger, young women attempting to emulate what they see on television take risks with their lives and health to get bigger backsides. 

Vanity Wonder, who has had over a dozen butt injection procedures, also worked for a “Shot Lady,” a person who performs the shots. Her measurements, an astounding 34-23-45 speak to the choices that she made for her version of beauty. Shot Girls, which is dedicated in part to rapper Drake, was recently released independently and is raising awareness of what is becoming a deadly threat to Black women.

Competition- It got this way because women as a whole feel – and this is not you personally, it’s not me personally – women as a whole feel a little bit neglected. Especially minority women. They feel a little neglected. They feel a little pushed under the radar. They feel there are not enough men, our men are in prisons, our men are gay, they’re on the down low, so the pool of men that we have to choose from is small.
Booty, back, donk, rump, culowhatever you call it, there is no one who loves an ample backside—or has as many names for it—as black men. For women who are blessed in this area, a big butt is like a golden ticket through life; admiration is sure to follow from any man caught in her hindsight. But for ladies who don’t have as much junk in their trunk, the pressure to live up to black men’s ideal body type sometimes causes them to go to extreme lengths to achieve it. Women are opting for quicker and riskier methods to enhance their backside. The days of busting squats in the gym to pump up you rear end are long gone. via butt injections.
The root of the growing fascination with butt injections can easily be traced to black men. They sing about it, rap about it, write books about it, gawk and stare at it, and constantly chase it—unfortunately that’s been to women’s detriment.
For the longest it seemed only ample-backed women suffered from this obsession, constantly being objectified for their figures and enduring endless street harassment, but now we see the grass isn’t so green on the other side either as an increasing number of reports highlight the prevalence of illegal butt-enhancing procedures among women seeking to become the object of black men’s affection. 

The question is would this all go away if black men placed more emphasis on women’s brains than their butts?

36-24-46 measurements became more than a head-turning, needle-in-the-haystack figure, it became the standard by which all women are judged. And let’s be honest, most women don’t share those genes, which means most women don’t add up in the looks department according to black men, so it seems. 

Call it a misconception, exaggeration, or whatever you choose, that won’t change the fact that since this need for a big butt started with black men, they are the only ones who can make it go away.
Big butts have long been admired by black men and it would be unfair to say they have completely caused women to seek butt enhancement. Women have to take some responsibility for their own susceptibility to these pretty brown round messages themselves, but the same way the fashion industry has become more conscious of the messages they’re sending, I’d like to see black men do the same. 

It’s not their job to build women’s self-confidence or make them accept their booties, but what black men can do is denounce the fake butts gracing music videos, men’s magazines, and pornos and celebrate the beauty of a natural booty no matter how big or small. Indulging in the idea of a land filled with big butts and wide hips is fine every now and then but when black men’s fantasies start interfering with black women’s reality, something’s got to give—on their end.

SILICONE injections are banned around the world for good reason. They could lead to terrible side-effects or, as in the sad case of Claudia, death. Silicone implants are used in breast enhancement but it is contained in a bag. With injections, if loose silicone is injected into a blood vessel it could move to the heart or lungs. Silicone never breaks down in the body. If injected into the buttock incorrectly it has to be removed, which means cutting away the tissue it is attached to. It is also a foreign body, which could cause an infection, seeping and weeping as the body will try to reject it.
Stop this extremely dangerous practice immediately.

The desire for a “big booty” has been fuelled by raunchy hip-hop videos of women shimmying peachy behinds.
Pure silicone is not used here because of the potential dangers.
The body often tries to reject it, which can lead to abscesses.
Despite the perils, the promise of a quick fix and a “perfect” shape is often impossible for many to resist.

In 2001, a Miami woman died after silicone was illegally injected into her breasts and butt. And in 2006, University of Texas doctors studied 44 women and transgender men who suffered from pulmonary embolism resulting from injections in different body parts. A quarter died.

"I see more disasters in the buttocks than in any other part of the body," says Dr. Anthony Griffin, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon famous for his Brazilian butt lift. He administers anesthesia and injects liposuction fat between butt muscles. He says human fat contains collagen and stem cells that help the butt keep its shape. But his safer procedure costs $15,000 to $20,000. And he'll only do it to women who have enough extra fat to inject into their butts.

Doctors say women desperate for cheap filler are allowing people to inject them with unknown substances that could have been purchased from other countries or even at a hardware store. If injected haphazardly, the liquid can seep into the bloodstream and nerves. "I'm seeing all these patients with just ridiculous amounts of stuff injected that suddenly comes to the surface of the skin," Griffin says. "One lady from Texas — I basically had to cut it out."

Despite Horror Stories and Doctor Warnings, Women Clamor for Cement Butt Injections, RON ONEAL MORRIS, TRANSGENDER

Claimed to be a doctor and lured women into her home with the promise of inexpensive PMAA butt injections. Instead, she injected several unsuspecting posteriors with a mixture of cement, super glue, mineral oil, and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant.
As many as 30 victims received these toxic injections, with devastating results. One was hospitalized with sores, flu-like symptoms, and severe pain. Another, who opted for facial injections, suffered sores and disfigurement and had to undergo an operation (with a real doctor this time) to extract the cement from her face.

Though it was front page news for days, these and other home butt-job horror stories don't seem to dissuade women from seeking out this curve-enhancing treatment????

APRIL BROWN was once a cosmetologist, fashion designer, and working mother of two daughters.

She's now a multiple amputee. She says hospitalizations after unlicensed cosmetic procedures led to life-threatening infections.
Professionals removed BOTH HANDS AND BOTH LEG last year to save her life.
"I got the butt implants five years ago," said Brown. "For five years, I lived in pain. Excruciating pain. "You can talk all day long about the troubling pressure many women feel to obtain a perfect figure (whether it's inspired by Victoria's Secret or King Magazine), but few stories will do as much as this one to illustrate how problematic that quest can be.

April Brown won't identify the unlicensed practitioner who injected her with silicone. She will only say it was somewhere near Western and Manchester. Brown tells us, her own lack of self-esteem issues are mostly to blame.

"They call it butt injections," she says. "These things are done at pumping parties. They call it medical grade silicone but a lot of it is industrial grade silicone."
Brown envisions a new career as a motivational speaker. Meanwhile, loving daughters
Courtney and Dayne are grateful she'll be home for Mother's Day.

            As we got off the elevator, onto the floor where Luxor’s room was, two girls approached us to get on. They looked at us like they knew what we were about to do and we looked at them like we knew what they had just done. We arrived at the room number and Onyx knocked on the door. We were let in by a short, chubby, Hispanic looking man. I sat on the couch and I got a good look around the room. It was a regular hotel room, nothing special. Finally, the one we were waiting for came out of the bathroom and she was HUGE. “Hi, I’m Luxor,” she said in a very get-down-to-business way.
Onyx greeted her and introduced us by name.
            He called us over one at a time and rubbed a gel on our butts, then covered them with saran wrap. After that, we were instructed to sit down and let the numbing gel work. Timeout for the fears and regrets because it was now my turn on the table. I gave Luxor my $500 and took off my pants.
Casey put a pair of gloves on and grabbed a Dixie cup. Then, he pulled out a bottle and poured some liquid from it, into the cup. He submerged the syringe inside the cup and pulled the plunger to gather the liquid into it. The last thing he did was screw the needle onto the syringe. In an effort not to startle me with the initial poke, he let me know that he was ready to start injecting. I would be getting 9 shots in a vertical direction on my butt. There would be 3 injection sites (top, middle and bottom) with three shots in each site. His hands were gentle as he stuck the needle in my left cheek for the first time. The poke hurt a little but it was nothing compared to the feeling of the liquid flooding into my butt. It was a sharp pain that shot down my leg, into my knee and shin, then back again. I’ve never been struck by lightning but I’m pretty sure that’s what this felt like. I had to breathe.

After he emptied that first, full syringe of liquid into my cheek, he unscrewed it from the needle so the needle would stay stuck in my butt. He went back to the Dixie cup and repeated the action of submerging the syringe in the cup, and pulling the plunger to gather liquid into it. He then screwed the syringe back on the needle that was still stuck in my butt and injected me with the second full syringe of liquid. He repeated this a third time. I was in pain. When the third injection was finished, he pulled the syringe and needle out of my butt and wiped the area clean with a cotton pad that had been doused with alcohol. Then, he used superglue to seal the poke hole that was made by the needle. After that, he pressed a fresh, dry cotton pad on the super glue so it would stick and moved on.
             I looked at my butt in the long mirror that was on the outside of the bathroom. It wasn’t a major improvement but I was happy with the results so far. My butt wouldn’t stop burning. I was so uncomfortable. I thought about the instructions I’d been given on how to remove everything and how to take care of my new backside. I was supposed to soak in a hot bath, and after a while, the super glue would loosen and with little to no effort, the cotton would come off. The instructions were also to NOT pull, tug or rip off the cotton and to immediately start massaging it as soon as I got out of the tub. The reason for not pulling off the cotton was because it superglue had created and start leaking out, what you’d just paid to get put in. The reason for massaging was because the liquid needed to be integrated into your butt right away. It had only been injected into three areas of each cheek and you don’t want it to bunch up there. It needed to be massaged around so it would settle evenly all over your butt. You needed a series of good massages if you didn’t want lumps.
It felt good to get compliments that I never thought I would. But did I make more money at work? Did guys even notice that I had got it done? Did ANYONE that I hadn’t previously told, notice that I’d gotten it done? No. I was still a popular nobody??????

PADGE WINSLOWE BKA 'Black Madam,' Transgender; gave illegal butt injections, used Krazy Glue

A judge has ordered a Philadelphia woman dubbed the 'Black Madam' to stand trial for allegedly performing illegal cosmetic surgeries, including buttocks enhancement procedures using silicone from Thailand and Krazy Glue.

Padge Windslowe, 42, is charged with aggravated assault, practicing medicine without a license and theft by deception.

SHURKIA KING, EXOTIC DANCER, Padge Windslowe BKA“BLACK MADAM” charged $1,000 to perform injections on a dining room table at "pumping parties," 23-year-old Shurkia King testified. But King suffered severe respiratory problems afterward and spent two weeks in the hospital. A doctor testified that he found silicone particles on her lungs that could have killed her. “BLACK MADAM“, who wore a sleek black outfit to court, did not testify at the

hearing and showed little outward reaction to the testimony. She remains in jail on $750,000 bail. King, slender and modestly dressed, described the defendant's technique in her hour-long testimony. She said she learned about “BLACK MADAM” through fellow dancers. She said she thought “BLACK MADAM” was a nurse.

King first had the procedure done at a friend's house on New Year Eve. All went well, so she went back for more in February, she said. She and four others waited upstairs, while one-by-one the women went down for the five-minute injections, King testified.

King said the needles looked clean, although she found it odd that the silicone was in a water bottle. As before, she got four injections that added a cup of silicone to her buttocks. But one of the injections seemed to go in wrong, and left her leg shaking, she said. "She “BLACK MADAM” said, 'Just breathe. It's OK. It's OK,'" King said.

King's oxygen level was "dangerously low" when she arrived at a hospital two days later, a doctor testified. She spent about a week in intensive care and used an oxygen tank to breathe until two weeks ago, when she returned to work, the doctor and King both testified.

 A prosecutor asked if she could live a normal life.

"It's possible. If she gets an illness, maybe not," Banerjee said.

CLAUDIA ADEROTIMI,THIS is British wannabe hip-hop star Claudia Aderotimi, who died after an illegal cosmetic procedure to enhance her bottom went tragically wrong.

The university student, 20, flew to Philadelphia, US, for silicone jabs to increase the curve of her buttocks supposedly by “BLACK MADAM”

But Claudia, of Hackney, East London, suffered chest pains after the injections and died in hospital. US cops are investigating.
  Claudia was desperate to transform her image with cosmetic surgery so she could appear in music videos.
Friends revealed her confidence had dipped after she was dropped from a previous promo because her “booty” was too small.
But the $1,000 procedure, carried out in a budget Philadelphia hotel, ended in disaster when Claudia suffered agonizing chest pains and died.

Talent scout Tee Ali met the university student — stage name Carmella London — when she filmed a video. He said she often wore special padded trousers to give the impression she had a shapelier backside.
Tee said: “She was a dancer and choreographer. She loved to dance and had a drive to be famous. The problem was she didn’t have no butt, and she wanted a butt.
“She went to audition for one video shoot wearing fake booty pants and she got all the attention.
“But when they found out it was fake she didn’t get asked back.
“It’s such a shame. She’s a victim of all these girls trying to be perfect. She thought if she had a big booty she would have been in better videos and been more famous.”
Claudia is thought to have traveled out last November to have a buttocks enlargement op.

“It’s like playing Russian Roulette. You get away with it sometimes, but each time you have it done, you’re risking your life.”

owns “It’s Anivia” cosmetics and skin care line. She is under contract with a major modeling agency. She allegedly assured several women who went to her for buttocks-enhancement injections that she was a trained professional, authorities said.
A months-long investigation into the allegations revealed Cruz-Dilworth had injected the women with what she described as a hydro-gel, a solid, jelly-like material that caused serious bacterial infections, including cellulites and necrosis. An investigator with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration also assisted, but the substance used, at first thought to be similar to bathtub caulk, was never conclusively determined.
The injections were sealed with liquid adhesives such as Krazy Glue, prosecutor’s alleged. Cruz-Dilworth allegedly charged up to $1,250 for the procedure.
Cruz-Dilworth would “use a syringe, mark them, inject them, then use Krazy Glue to seal it,
“She took these young ladies’ lives in to her hands. Her actions caused a lot of harm. Many of these women had to undergo surgery following these illegal procedures,”
.“One woman had to undergo five separate hospitalizations and multiple surgeries as a result of the injuries sustained from the unlawfully performed buttocks injections.”

NOVEMBER 17--A Georgia woman who criminal investigators suspect has spent years administering illegal silicone buttocks and hip injections to female clients--including strippers nationwide--was arrested last month by federal agents.

Kimberly Smedley made a victim, a Baltimore exotic dancer of lung damage as the patient was hospitalized in October when she experienced shortness of breath after receiving the injections from Smedley. Doctors found fluid in the patient’s lungs and treated her for pneumonia.

Kimberly Smedley paid between $500 and $1,600 cash fine for the illegal butt boosters and the women administered the injections in hotel rooms in various cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, New York and Washington, D.C.

 Smedley has pleaded guilty for using wrong liquid Butt injections to her patients. Smedley is not a doctor but a woman of Atlanta simply. She was caught by police and faces a maximum of five years in jail and a $250,000 fine. As she had used the liquid which was made of silicone often found in paint or furniture polish.

 Smedley, 45,used the materials for the injections but those materials were not FDA approved.

 Now Smedley pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court in Baltimore to conspiring to introduce and deliver into interstate commerce an adulterated and misbranded device.

 Smedley’s story is among the many butt-boost horror stories to hit the headlines.

LETICIA WEAVER lies on a bed in a grubby Los Angeles motel room to have BATHROOM SEALANT from a DIY store injected into her bottom.
The Londoner, 26, has paid $500 for the illegal and life-threatening jabs to give her a more shapely behind — despite knowing about the ‘booty shots’ death of 20-year-old Brit Claudia Aderotimi.
Desperate for the perfect shape which she believes will further her dancing career, this is Leticia’s sixth treatment in such seedy surroundings, at a total cost of $3,000.
And a Sun investigation into the shady world of these ILLEGAL INJECTIONS has found she is not the only girl prepared to risk their lives for a curvaceous behind.

Leticia, from Brixton, south London, says:
  “Claudia’s death is tragic, but it won’t stop people having these injections.“I have suffered with vomiting and a temperature after having the booty shots but it’s worth it.
“Every hip-hop dancer needs a big behind. If you’re not born with it, you have to get it somehow.”

Stripped to just a thong, Leticia lies prone as the mysterious character administering the jabs — known only as Nurse Keisha — marks out the injection points with a felt-tip pen. Nurse Keisha, 45, rents the room by the hour and does not carry out any medical checks before the procedure. Her clients simply arrive at the cockroach-infested motel, undress, then have hardware store silicone pumped into their backsides. Leticia, who earns $25,000 a year, says: “It’s certainly not the most hygienic procedure but it’s effective and costs far less than having bum implants.

The silicone is stuff that can be picked up from a store such as B&Q and is similar to bathroom sealants — only more diluted.
After ramming the needles full of the potentially deadly silicone into Leticia’s bottom, Nurse Keisha furiously rubs around the jabbed area before slapping on several plasters to cover the weeping wounds. Leticia admits: “It does hurt quite a lot and when she stops rubbing the area some lumps start to form.“But Nurse Keisha’s very good — and I usually have three vodka shots before I have the injections to help with the pain. This also helps relax me.“The jabs are extremely painful — I feel sore afterwards and some girls have a really high temperature.

“We all know the risk — but it is a small price to pay for a good butt.

SOLAGNE MAGNANO, Former Miss Argentina Dies From Cosmetic Buttocks Surgery 

Former Miss Argentina Solange Magnano died Sunday from complications arising during a gluteoplasty—or bum lift. A friend of the former beauty queen told the Associated Press that liquid injected during the procedure had somehow traveled to her lungs and brain. After three days in critical care in a Buenos Aires hospital, Magnano ultimately died of pulmonary embolism, or blocked artery in the lung.

Magnano was the mother of 7-year-old twins. She won the Miss Argentina crown in 1994, and remained popular throughout the country. Most recently she had been working on a runway show scheduled for December. Friends were both saddened and dismayed.

“A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind.”

She's on dialysis at Town & Country Hospital. Her kidneys: damaged. Her lungs: damaged. Her butt — well, that's not as important anymore.
Lee and her friend Zakiya Thema Teagle, 33, researched butt injections online, and heard through word of mouth that a Thonotosassa woman gave them. Because the silicone solution is illegal to inject, the shots are often administered at private "pumping parties" by strangers who have no medical experience.
Sharhonda Lindsay, 32, met the women at Lee's home on Jan. 29, Hillsborough sheriff's deputies say. Lee paid $500 for 40 shots. Teagle paid $250 for 20. After Lindsay left, the pain began. The women are still hospitalized with internal injuries. Teagle is stable; Lee is in serious condition. Lee's mother, Doretha Belnavis, has no idea why her daughter agreed to such a procedure. "She's a beautiful girl." Belnavis tries not to ask her daughter too much about it — "it makes her sick to her stomach." Her daughter is having nightmares.
All Lee says is she's sorry.

MAYRA LISSETTE CONTERAS, 22, of Pacoima died Friday, apparently from respiratory problems, after receiving silicone shots to enlarge her buttocks
Two women believed to have been running an illegal cosmetics business out of their Sylmar home may be responsible for the death of a mother who was a customer, authorities said. Investigators said Guadalupe Viveros, 53, and Alejandra Viveros, 50, were injecting customers out of their home in a gated community on the 13100 block of Mira Mar Drive.Homicide  detectives said Mayra Lissette Contreras, 22, of Pacoima died just one day after the two sisters injected her with silicone.
"She went to that house for cosmetic purposes on the morning of July 23," "On the evening of July 24 she was pronounced dead at a local hospital."About three weeks before Contreras's death, the sisters were arrested and charged for practicing medicine without a license. They posted bail and it was around that time that Contreras received her last set of injections."We believe they're on the run or possibly out of the country by now. Though authorities said the sisters have not been charged in connection with Contreras's death, they are the prime suspects in the investigation."She was a wonderful person," said Gerardo Olvera about his wife and mother of his two children. "She was a good mother, a good wife.

Lauretta Cheek, 42, of Greensboro, NC, was already on probation for administering butt injections in 2008 that left three women with kidney failure.

She’s picked up a new charge for injecting an exotic dancer’s backside with a concoction that left her disfigured.
The stripper, who was from Charlotte, met Cheek in a hotel room last year and paid her $500 for the injection. Cops aren’t sure what exactly was in the substance, but it sent the dancer to the emergency room twice.
“It appears that the substance that was injected into her basically burned its way back out. “It’s not just one big spot. Being a liquid or gel-type of material, it kind of went in different directions and obviously got infected and left pretty significant scarring.”

In the 2008 case, the substance Cheek used was determined to most likely contain types of infertility drugs. As part of the plea deal following the incident, Cheek closed the spa she owned and promised she would no longer perform medical procedures. Clearly she didn’t hold up to her end of the deal. On Wednesday she was charged with one misdemeanor count of practicing medicine without a license and released on a written promise to appear in court.

5 Types Of Butt Injections

Butt injections is a type of butt augmentation procedure which is minimally invasive than butt implants.

Types of butt injections or the most common solution used

1. Fat injection

This is also known as the Brazilian butt lift and one of the most popular methods of butt augmentation via injection. For this procedure, the doctor will ask the patient where she wants to remove excess fats. The common sites are the abdomen, thighs, and back. After they agree, and the patient is deemed fit for the procedure, the fat in those areas will now be removed, purified, and injected in the buttocks. In about 4 weeks, the patient will get the go signal from her doctor to return to work. What made it so popular are the fact that excess fat will be removed, and the shorter recovery time.

2. Hydrogel injections

This procedure is still illegal in the United States, though the market is still thriving. The patients who want to undergo this usually go out of the country, or search for doctors who will do it to them regardless of the illegal status. The solution used is comprised of 97.5% water, with a small amount of Polyacrylamide. Majority of cosmetic surgeons will not recommend this procedure because there were a lot of cases where the client had several complications. The solution is still unregulated, and for that matter, the clients are not sure if it is safe for use, or if certain contaminants are already present. The thing is this is cheaper than most butt injections, not to mention the client can easily buy their own Hydrogel kit in the black market. Doing so will endanger their lives because no matter what they say, they are not trained with these things, and the buttocks is also very sensitive.


This is the shortcut for polymethyl-methacrylate. One of the most known brands of PMMA is the Artefill. This is another type of filler that is actually approved by the FDA in the United States. But although this is the case, a lot of people have second thoughts when having this procedure because the cost is very expensive. The client may pay more than $100,000 and of course, that will still depend on the amount to be used for the enhancement. The more the client wants to improve her buttocks, the higher the expense she has to shoulder making it very impractical. That is why a lot of people prefer to have this done outside the country because it is much cheaper.

4. Silicone

Silicone is one of the most common materials used for butt implants, but it also comes in liquid form, and some practitioners may use it for the butt injections. This is not advisable because though the solid form is approved by the FDA for cosmetic reasons, the liquid one is still illegal. The liquid form of Silicone may move to other parts of the body. It can also cause the formation of inflamed tissues which is not good for the person involved.

5. Unbranded

Of all the solution used, this is the most dangerous and may lead to severe complications or death. Unlicensed practitioners who perform butt injections will often use unbranded solutions which they do not even recognize themselves. What is their reason? Their agenda is to con the patient because they want to have money. They do not care about the well-being of the client and will not accept any responsibility. That is why a person should be wary of the solution to be injected in their body.

What Are The Solutions?

Callipygian: A shapely buttocks that may have excessive fat in them but is considered healthy due to lack of cellulite and/or stretch marks.

A callipygian butt is not only shapely with definition and tone, the skin is very smooth. 
No fluid pockets (cellulite) or stretch marks on it.

Steatopygia: A unshapely buttocks that are the result of excessive fat that leads to stretch marks and/or cellulite.

A steatopygian butt lacks shape, definition and tone. The skin appears very bumpy due to excess fluid buildup and retention. It may also be lined with stretch marks, which are caused by internal muscle, fat or organ growth outpacing the skin's ability to stretch to contain it all.

Many working women may start off with callipygian butts in their early to late teens and into their early twenties, but by their late twenties and early thirties, the excessive fat takes a toll on the butt and it becomes steatopygian. It's usually because they spend more time sitting than moving (due to their work), eating richer, fattier foods, or eat more than needed as a way to cope with stress.

Diet and exercise play a tremendous influence on the development of Steatopygia.

Hormone-laced meats and dairy products consumed cause some negative changes to your butt. The meat industry injects hormones into the buttocks of female pigs. 

Meat, dairy and refined starches leave many toxic byproducts of a fluid nature that find their way into the buttocks for storage purposes due to impaired eliminative channels. This is why cleansing and detoxifying the major eliminative channels (colon, kidneys, etc.) is a must in weight loss. The fat stored in the cells will be excreted via the kidneys (urine) and the colon (defecation) and some of the fat may be burned for energy.

Drinking lots of water is instrumental in flushing waste from the tissues of the buttocks.
To make sure you are drinking the necessary amount of water daily take your body weight and divide it in half and change the pounds into ounces.
You can also rub coconut oil or any other good oil that is food-based (i.e. Almond, Rose Hip Seed, Avocado, Sesame, Grape Seed, etc.) into your buttocks as a carrier oil and then add a few drops of essential oils of either Eucalyptus, Juniper Berry, or Grapefruit Peel to your hands or palms and massage into the tissues of the buttocks.

After this, rub a loofah brush (in circular motion) into your buttock tissues, which can help to release fluid in the fatty pockets as the friction of the loofah rubbing against the skin produces heat.

Do this daily,it takes is about 5-7 minutes.