Monday, May 5, 2014

H.T.M - True Light News: The Company & the Product (Consumer)

As a consumer many of us want our shopping experience to be quick, affordable, and convenient as possible. Have you ever heard, “Be careful what you wish for”?  No matter how you look at it consumers (products) have
“Wants, Needs, and Desires”

You as a consumer (product) are considered a “Target”. Literally, being targeted by you are: department store, supermarkets, malls, and even businesses online.  These businesses (stalkers) are considered your “Target Market”. 

A Target Market means the consumers (products) at all times. Unknowingly falling into the physical and virtual or digital web (trap) of the consumer enslavement, and this is one of the trickeries of the sound or look right reasoning.

Are you Familiar with this Scenario? 
You go to a deli that you may have just started or been attending. You get to the cash register, all you have to do is pay for your meal and enjoy it there or wherever you want to consume it at.

Usually before you even pay, the cashier may ask “Hello Sir/Ma’am would you like to receive our newsletter in your mail and in your email showing coupons, and even participate in surveys, enter into our sweepstakes, all you have to do is provide us with a few information about you, like your name, birthday, email, mailing address, thumbprint here, a lock of your hair, sign here with your blood, and oh yes provide your children’s souls (in a nutshell).” After your decision, which in this case would be: “Yes, here is my life and I give it to you to put in your database for all to see”. 

Now a few days later you receive in your email and/or mail where you may receive a coupon of your favorite sandwich: Pickled-Shrimp Cheese-steak supreme, given especially to you the consumer (product). 

Now it is up to you whether to use it or not.

  • Step One: Personal Information

  • Step Two: The Monitoring of your activities: What Are Your Likes and Dislikes, and putting together recommendations to suit your needs, wants and desires.

  • Step Three: Completion: You’re in the Database!

The same thing goes for your online shopping experience, 99% of the time a consumer uses a search engine and these search engines usually store what your searching for and then collect whatever your looking for in their database for you based on your computers IP address they remember last week or just yesterday you wanted to find out about “How to Knit A Sweater”, so within this, send you a list of all the information you need to know, also locations of stores to buy the supplies to knit a sweater whether online or offline. 

Then it starts getting a little crazy, they find similar things or things that look good and sound good to go with your simple search of how to knit a sweater. The ads that are displayed at the side are usually that data collected from you, and compiled to find your parallel appealing similar interests.  This is a system called “Influenced Shopping”. This is all about the presentation of the product and the knowing of what the majority people like, or want to make it “Look & sound good”.

This is all about your habits, and everyone has a shopping habit, whether you are an impulse shopper, savvy, smart, etc. The consumer nevertheless will always be consuming something worth their while and that is going in the 3’s 

(“Want, Need, and Desire)

This is a shove, not a push; it is not being spoon-fed to you. 
This is a shove to get you to want, need, or desire something. No matter what, it will appeal to you. There is a science of marketing and a strategy company’s use today that slowly creeps into our brains and manipulating the way we live.

Remember, you perceive with your eyes and not with your mind, until you learn to wake up and use your brain, then you will see what is going on around you.
Learning your information these stalkers (companies) are spending millions of dollars on figuring out how to read your thoughts, and habits, to configure your future needs wants and desires. Think about the next time you have another shopping experience and you hear “Sir/Ma’am, would you like to join our mailing/emailing list, we will send you countless of alerts, newsletter, useless crap, and even get you a free card, and yes saving probably nothing but 45cents for your soul in exchange”

So really how smart or savvy the shopper is, do you think about the different varieties of just one product.

Not only do these businesses (stalkers) collect their data all around the world, when it comes to selling products they give you want you think you want based on your 3’s (wants, needs, and desires). By using the value of your happiness to leach off of, no matter if the product is good or bad i.e. Cigarettes, you see the surgeon warning… but to those who smoke do you care? 

Seeing this majority of these products we consume or use have a direct negative effect on our mental, emotional, and physical health.

Thus leading to the role of us as targets and products of:
 “The Consumer Enslavement”

What Role Is This, and How does this Tie into Cashless Society?
This role is being the “Product”. And this is how you the consumer will become that role. This will begin in the “Cashless Society”. The commercial world continues to promote this by using your emotions’, shopping is a therapy, shop till you drop you’ll feel good. In reality my fellow “people” or consumer to them you are being conned.

Because this is a “high” for the majority of us is just a part of this raising in a cashless society.

As we move on in a “More Advance Technology Age”, you savvy, smart cattle you. Herd your way into your store, and it so happens you don’t have your wallet or any cash on you. But don’t fear, just hold up your forehead or hand and press on this scanner right here. This will scan you, yes, literally you and everything you are from your bank, home address, job, SSN, birth, everything. This will grab that digit (not even money anymore) out of your bank to pay for your cup of coffee and Panini. Now my fellow “people” you will be the walking, talking bar code the “product”. Evolving from cash to cashless, we become the product for the companies and they consume us, the consumers (products) picking and choosing whom they want to devour.  Look at you and those around you remember what I said about products come in many different varieties, you come in all shapes, and sizes such as products. A resource, we are the battery that keeps the world of consuming going on and on.

Not only does the government finds it perfect to bar code/ microchip you as a walking, talking, flesh “card” they have been testing you, by the use of inanimate objects, and they like the results and how the finished product to the final piece is “You”.

Now take note we have been watched, monitored, tracked, and recorded. The cover-up of the 3’s was used to track you.

 Take heart, every single piece of electric communication is monitored and stored. So with this chip implanted in you, you are constantly feeding data to the government as they say:
“Data mine”

Pay attention to your social network you decide to supply your life in, you constantly update when you brush your teeth, go to every day at 3:00, who is who in your life, your ‘network’.

Breaking down the word network, net (trap) works,  a working net.

The trap began once you were born, invasion of your first sight, taste, feel, hearing and smell in this world. Slapping you with monitoring systems and taking down your every action. Life-Death-Birth certificate- and death certificate to even your generation you bore to begin a new process of another “product”.

Even though when we live in literally technology,  90% of the population are still behind, aren’t we are supposed to be advanced in technology on which it makes no sense to not know the simple basics of the computer, but to some the “complexity” of a simple video game is as simple as to the human mind as blinking, just like in the 3’s like your ABC’s and your 123’s, or your Wants, Needs, & Desires. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

H.T.M. - True Light News: Water…Or is it really just H2O?

Water is an essential source of our life and many others, a sustaining everlasting element. Majority of our products we consume or use would usually have your element H2O. But most definitely, when it comes to drinking; people would want a clear, clean, crisp, and fresh cup of worry-free, thirst-quenching taste. Alluding away from what water combines with, in our alternative choices of beverages which would be our: juices, sodas, and alcohol; and also in the food we eat: cereal, soup, baby formula etc

No matter what, water will always be a base source before all others. Unfortunately for us, some water whether tapped or bottled, contains extremely harmful chemicals.

Harmful chemicals don’t only reside in our drinking and bathing water, you can find them in other products such as toothpaste. Usually combining toothpaste with water the practice is meant to end with spitting instead of swallowing. This ingredient found in our commercial toothpastes is supposedly used to clean your teeth, prevent tooth decay and cavities, this ingredient can be found in numerous products, introducing, or you most likely have been introduced to the toxin/poison: Fluoride.

Do you really think filters do a good job in sifting or removing the taste of metals and chemicals found in our drinking and even bathing water? No, I don’t think so! They don’t filter one of the many harmful hazards found in our drinking water; and don’t forget the other 499 chemical compounds in our water as well. To filter out the truth there are two types of fluoride: Calcium fluoride and Sodium fluoride. Sodium Fluoride is a synthetic waste product of the nuclear, alum.min.num and phosphate fertilizer industry that has been implanted, taking over calcium fluoride which is naturally found in water.

Just remember, sodium fluoride is just one of the invaders in our water.

Not only in our water can sodium fluoride be found but also in processed foods. These foods have a high concentration of sodium fluoride: Instant tea, grape juice products, and soy milk for babies and etc. So we know now that fluoride (or sodium fluoride) should definitely not be in our water.

 For your information, in the “1972 Poisons Act”, fluoride was registered as “poisonous” and was and still is used today as a pesticide. 

Being in the same group of toxins which is the leading chemical hazard of the many “poisons” known today: 

Arsenic (used in pesticides),Mercury (used in vaccines and high-fructose-corn syrup), and Paraquat [par·a·quat] (used in weed-killer and defoliant [de·fo·li·ant]). Fluoride is even more toxic then lead

Lead can also be found in water but this poison (fluoride) is found 20 times more than lead in your tapped or bottled water.

Fitting in with poison and toxin, it has some major effects on your health emotionally, mentally, and physically. These effects are usually permanent, causing them to be even more dangerous and life-threatening.

Effects include:

  • ·         Hyperactivity & Sluggishness (Symptoms of Attention. Deficit. Disorder [ADD)
  • ·         High Risk of Cancer (i.e. Bone Cancer)
  • ·         Gene Mutations
  • ·         Reproductive Problems
  • ·         Hyper or Depressed Activity
  • ·         Bone Fluorosis (a condition caused by excessive exposure to fluorine and marked by an  irregular pattern of patches or spots of colors on the teeth and damage to the bones)

There have been studies confirming its effects as a neuro toxin tampering with your nervous  system ultimately effecting your brain slowly, and eventually killing the brains of you “the consumers/products” your  families and yes… your children. Being exposed to high levels, has lowered brain functioning and IQ’s. Unbeknown to us “the people” or the consumer a small yet large important aspect in our body is the main target for fluoride, it harshly damages this part of our body by the calcification; the hardening of the Pi.Neal Gland.

The Pineal Gland is a small cone-shaped endocrine organ or also called a ductless gland, it makes secretions by way of your bloodstream. Your Pineal Gland is located on the rear part of the forebrain this is near the 3 primary divisions of the brain in the early stage of an animal/person with a backbone and well-built brain. It forms your Melatonin which are hormones producing your Melanin. Your Melanin is a dark brown or black pigment that is naturally present in the skin, hair, and eyes of people. Pineal Gland is involved in your bio-rhythms (your sleep) and gonadal development OR IN OTHER WORDS REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM.

Not only just fluoride can be found in your water, but other chemicals as well: 

Aluminum (used in most of your everyday home goods, transportation, and industry products; and dangerously linked to Alzheimer's disease),

 Ammonia (used in refrigeration and making of fertilizers and explosives), and Bleach (chlorine). 

Fluoride can also be found in products like: Teflon coated pots, and pans. To add-on to this trusted simple and clean element (H2O), not only is it being invaded by harmful life-threatening chemicals but viruses and bacteria invade our water as well.

 Combined with our drinking water they have effects such as:
  • ·         Kidney Stones
  • ·         Ar.terio.scle.rosis: (A long-lasting disease in which arteries are abnormally being thickened and hardened)
  • ·         Em.phy.sema:(Abnormal increase of the air spaces of the lungs and often by damage of heart action)
  • ·         Constipation
  • ·         Gall-Stones
  • ·         Arthritis
  • ·         Inflamed Gastro-Intestinal Tracts

This is just to name a few of many chemicals found in drinking and bathing water. These chemicals just eat away the vital force of your body. Not only a chemical but I would say an implanted emotional, mental and physically altering parasite. As I stated earlier not only in our drinking water, but the food you eat, at the same time….is eating you! Quietly over the time, eating your life away little by little, by doing this you consume them, thus poisoning and dulling your senses.

Senses of awareness so be aware, and beware these “drugs” that poison and affect your body and you.

This Is Actually Consuming the Consumer!
Remember you are the product, you are the ever-going, everlasting water (life); don’t allow these poisons to taint your purity: the soul, body, and mind.

So what are the alternatives?

Pay attention and avoid certain foods and products. But when it comes to health/food many people usually use excuses and say: 

“But it’s so good” or “Shoot I been eating it already, I’m doing fine”, or “Might as well continue, it’s cheap anyway” 

(Can you afford the impact on the outcome on your health?) 

And my favorite: 
“But Mama/Grandma said” or “I grew up or eating this since I was little, LOOK AT ME NOW!” 

Didn’t grandma ever tell you never to judge people by their outer shell or appearance? It just applies to sound right or look good reasoning. Oh yes it looks and sounds right, so you just perceive with your eyes and not with your mind. Now look at you, internally you are slowly dying and not naturally growing the way you’re supposed to.

Listen, when it comes to us as individuals it depends on you and your choices on what you want in your life or lifestyle whether it’s partaking in consumption or the actions we do. 

Our bodies (temple, vessel) are very important, and the major organs that literally keep you alive, these organs need you to help operate and keep you “the soul” alive and well. It’s our job to adhere to our bodies and its functions.

Yes, taking steps to restoring our bodies in the natural order is a difficult task. But, like I stated it depends on you the individual to undergo them. But I assure you the reward and outcome of it all is priceless. 

Avoid processed foods and artificial drinks and read your labels, as the saying goes: 

“If you can’t pronounce or define it and even if you can pronounce it, look it up!”

Alternatives to Reverse the Effects

When dealing with fluoride, calcium and magnesium help prevent fluoride and its effects. Magnesium is a mineral that helps with your metabolism and creation of nutrients within your cells and stops the absorption of fluoride into your cells. Calcium stops fluorides attraction toward our teeth and bones, and aiding the body to rid these toxins.

Iodine can be found in kelp and other foods that is a great way to boost and rebuild your immune system aiding your defense against fluoride and other toxins. Eating of vegetable butter and coconut oil is a great effective way to remove this heavy metal fluoride.

Also to aid you in the detoxification process of not just only fluoride but other compounds:
  • ·         Refuse dental fluoride treatments
  • ·         Buy fluoride-free toothpaste
  • ·         Buy organic/wild foods, or grow your own without pesticides  
  • ·         Avoid commercial baby foods & formula
  • ·         Do not drink distilled water: (Unless consumed during a cleansing, this helps bind to toxic substances and remove them from the body by urinating, remember your skin is an organ that is known to absorb.)
  • ·         Try small amounts colloidal silver
  • ·         Don’t consume reverse osmosis water (It leaches minerals from the body)
  • Don’t consume softened water (It has high level of salt)
  • ·      Avoid bottled water (Very unsafe due to the plastic containers)
Boiling water is a simple, fast, and easy way if you don’t have a house filter system, where it goes through not only your drinking water but also your bathing water. Getting enough sleep helps keeps your brain and body in great condition. The lack of sleep hurts your ability to think and handle stress, and maintain a healthy immune system and moderate your emotions.

Exercise is very important for the detoxification, improving your metabolism and helps expel these toxins through the skin, so sweat!

Think about the benefits of saunas, aerobics, walking, and certain types of yoga can do to benefit in your fight against these toxins.

Most importantly, people seem to have trouble with stimulating their brain, take time to read, meditate and challenge your brain, this helps the fight as well.

By providing you with many alternatives to help rid of these implanted harmful chemicals, virus’s’, bacteria’s and poisons/toxins, once again it’s up to you to undergo a change in your lifestyle to live longer, be vital, to feel younger and healthier.

For the sake of not just only you but our families and children.