Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Just To Know: Moving Masks, Census Data In Your Hands, and Augmented Games

Moving Inkblot Mask
I wanted to start off with something interesting, yet useless at the same time.
A 100% non toxic fabric inkblot that reacts when you breath. The pattern actually changes around the mouth and nose area.  There are five different masks, and the ink doesn’t move around the eye and temple areas. 

Moving On...
A design firm and a non-profit focusing on government transparency come together, the Sunlight Foundation and designers from IDEO teamed up to create Sitegeist, an app using location-based data to help you understand where you are.
Each location between census data and public APIs from different companies like: Yelp, Foursquare, and Dark Sky. You can put together a  comprehensive profile of a geographic location.
The app (which are available on IOS and androids) uses data and information pulled from a large variety of sources. It allows you to set your location and then go through several screens to see data at your specific location.
When you select a location, the latitude and longitude are passed along with the ID of the pane you want to view. The various geographies are kept track of (census tracts, ZIP codes, etc.), the boundaries of any shape that contains your location is found. 
The screens include: people (median age, age distribution, household income, gender, and political contributions), housing (median home value, average rent, percentage renting v. buying, and commuting patterns), local attractions (popular businesses, local movie theaters, and restaurants), environment (weather), and history (median home age and number of housing units.)

An Augmented Reality Puzzle Game
This is a physical object interaction, the Cude is the controller and the viewer. You use tilt motions, which moves the character through rooms. There are three cubes (levels) in total, each of which are connected by a single door, some doors lead to nowhere, some to traps, and the final door of all three cubes.
You are timed 2 mintues to find the exit.
 If this door is found the character will appear to leave the cube, walk across the table surface and vanish.
The game then begins again.

This uses your computers camera or even external to view a cube, it has markers attached to each side. Without the cameras and computer program it looks like a paper cube.

A camera equivalent to the EyeToy would need to be on each side of the cube in order to track the face of the viewer. Unless the computer can know where the eyes of the viewer are there would be no sense of being able to see around the corner' and therefore no illusion of the rooms being somehow inside the cube. Instead, the player would merely be turning a series of small screens in their hand, each with a 'flat' and unshifting room (ie as static as a printed image).

A solid cube, webcam and a desktop computer...
Thats It!

 More augmented reality games?

Kweekies is a unique Artficial Life games based on Augmented Reality Technology

Created by Int13 the game is marker based, the software uses pattern on a paper to know how the world is oriented.