Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BlogTalkRadio: H.T.M: Holy Tents Of Marduk The True & Living Melchizedek

Huwa Ma’ana (“He’s With Us All”)

Fi.Taw.Mum.Ha.Tum (“In Perfect Harmony”)

Kawun Fin (“Let It Be So”/”Let It Exist”)

Huwa Family & Newcomers
With The  Hostess Cole, And Guest Ibrahiim Al-Mahdi

This is H.T.M; We Are the Holy Tents of Marduk: The True & Living Melchizedek

Hu Is Divine Love & His Divine Will

Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, & Right Overstanding
We have Q&A with the brother Ibrahiim Al-Mahdi
Talk about topics that are benefical to you and your family, friends, community
Tune In, and hear the truth to what your heart, soul and mind needs to hear.

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