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Huwa Ma’ana (He’s With Us All”)
Fi.Taw.Mum.Ha.Tum (“In Perfect Harmony”)
Kawun Fin (“Let It Be So/Let It Exist”)
This is H.T.M; We Are the Holy Tents of Marduk: The True & Living Melchizedek
Hu Is Divine Love & His Divine Will
Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, & Right Overstanding
*Subject to Change*
 “TAOWB” Scroll
(“The Affirmation of Witness Bearing Ceremony”)
This Scroll Is A Scroll Of Guidance To Prepare You For Your Affirmation Of Witness Bearing Or Taowb, The Holy Tents Of Marduk Is Offering Step By Step Instructions On How To Perform This Sacred Usage Ceremony. In Hopes That You Will Aspire To Further Serve “The All”; This Knowledge Is To Inform And Acquaint In The Correct Way Of Performing This “Sacred Usage Ceremony” Or “(T)estimonial (A)ffirmation (O)f (W)itness (B)earing”. This Ceremony Is A Declaration Of Re-Birth; A Spiritual Declaration, An Open Declaration, An Oath Of Faith, Of Which A Person Standing Witness To The Fact And Reality Of The Most High.
It’s Never Too Late to Forgive Yourself, And To Forgive Others, And Make A Change In Your Life To Become More Agreeable, Loving And Helping. For The Most High Is Forgiving, Loving, And The Most Merciful. Fall Back In Love With The Most High, & Bear Witness To The Reality Of The Most High Your Source Who Is Divine Love “He Who Is”, Which Became Yaa.Huwa In Arabic And Aramic, Yahweh Or Jehovah In Hebrew For Judaism, And El Eloh In Aramic Hebrew, Allah In Arabic For Islam, Theos In Geek And God With A Capital G In English, The Most High. So Learn About The Taowb & How You Can Perform Your Affirmation Of Witness Bearing.
Come Join H.T.M At The Taowb Ceremony And Bear Witness That Nothing Would Exist Except By Way Of He Who Is, Divine Love Huwa, The Most High.
This Scroll Was Written By:
Lu.Gal Nebu Ib.Re.   Amar.Utu Mudi Zodok
Known As Ibrahiim Al-Mahdi
Guided By
HIs Father: The Master Teacher
Yaanun Zodok
Inspired By
The Scrolls “Your Shahida & Becoming An Ansaar” Scroll #137, “The Baptism Ceremony” Scroll # 51, & “You Must Be Born Again” Scroll
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“Heart of the Black Sun CD”
Featuring;  The All Affirmation Prayer, 99 Names, The Gold Book Prayer, & The Prayer Of Asaru
(1Cd) 0:40:04
$2.50 (minimum purchase of 100 (100=$250.00) (*+$6.00 Shipping & Handling*)
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“Behold The Cross: Part One” Scroll
Contrary to what you believe, the cross did not just originate in Christianity. It goes back even further than the Egyptian cross, the Tau. “Behold the Cross” part one touches up on the true meaning of the swastika and it’s false meaning,  the arch angel Michael who defeated “that old serpent” the dragon, the deity Marduk who has a great destiny to fulfill, discover who is this Melchizedek and the similarities between him, Marduk and Michael. It explores the Planet X or naturally known as Nibiru “Planet of the Crossing”.
Purchase this book today and read the hidden true knowledge on the Cross, Nibiru, and Marduk.
Brought to you by: H.T.M – Holy Tents of Marduk ~ Melchizedek
Provided by:
HU.WA (Hearts United World Association) L.L.C
I AM Creations
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True Light News CD
H.T.M (Holy Tents of Marduk ~ Melchisedek
True Light News: Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!
Provided by: HU.WA (Hearts United World Association) L.L.C
(I)brahiim (A)L-(M)ahdi Creations aka “I AM” Creations
True Light News is all about listening, we provide interesting and informative news about the most important, overlooked and ignored events that affect us in this day and time. We strive to bring you the issues that you want to hear, reporting information that you need to know in your community. Articles are written by our very own dedicated and diligent H.T.M. staff.
Categories World, Health, Politics, Science, Technology, Entertainment, Classifieds/Business, & Strange
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Dr. Malachi Zodok Classes/Lectures CD
Retail: $5.00-7.00 (+*$6.00 Shipping & Handling*)
Wholesale: $2.50 (minimum purchase of (100=$250.00) (+*$6.00 Shipping & Handling*)
1.         Adam & Eve: The Rib $5.00 (1 Cd): 1:00:10
2.        Are Muslim Sun Worshippers? $5.00 (1 Cd): 0:45:27
3.        Are There Human Devils? $5.00 (1Cd): 0:55:02
4.       Are You Racist? $5.00 (1Cd): 1:03:59
5.        Can God Stop Evil Yes Or No? $5.00 (1 Cd): 0:40:57
6.       End of Racism $5.00 (1 Cd): 0:42:44
7.        Fall Of Satan $5.00 (1 Cd): 0:51;53
8.       Judgment Day $5.00 (1 Cd): 0:15:38
9.       Leave My Stuff Alone $7.00 (2 Cd) [CD 1] 0:46:08 [CD 2] 0:46:21
10.     Leave People Business Alone $5.00 (1 Cd): 42:10
11.       Life Is In The Blood $5.00 (1 Cd): 1:05:25
12.      More About The Moors $5.00 (1Cd): 1:01:27
13.      No One Believes in God Anymore $5.00 (1Cd): 1:02:54
14.     The Answer To the 5 Percenters $5.00
15.      The Bible: Leprosy & White Skin $5.00
16.     The Reality Of Life of Death $5.00
17.      Why We Used Islam $5.00
18.     Nothing But Love $5.00
19.     Savior’s Day 1998 $5.00
20.    Pyramids Dating 10,000 Years $5.00
21.      39 Suicide Hoops $5.00
Dr. Malachi Zodok Meditation & Music CD’s
Retail: $5.00-7.00 (+*$6.00 Shipping & Handling*)
Wholesale: $2.50 (minimum purchase of (100=$250.00) (+$6.00*Shipping & Handling*)
1.       Inner Being & The Mind (Chap. 1-4)
*More To Be Noted*