Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Want To Open Up A H.T.M Bookstore?

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How would you like to support the H.T.M family and movement?

H.T.M would like to give you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, by distributing our products to make a profit. For anyone ages 18 and up, whether you are a college student, business owner, or just someone trying to make a little extra money on the side.  

You can start your own business by opening up a H.T.M store in your area, a place where you can spread the truth, right knowledge, right wisdom, and right overstanding.

Provide This Information:

·         Name:

·         Location(S):

·         Are You Willing To Take Your TAWOB (Affirmation Of Witness Bearing)?

If Yes, Then Proceed

·         You Are Not Mandatory To Take Your TAWOB Before Opening The Bookstore

·         To Do A TAWOB At A Bookstore, Please Read The TAWOB Regarding The Guidelines The Do’s & Don’ts & Prayers.

·         Do You Already Have A Building?

·         If Not, Do Have A Building That You See Is Available?  And How Soon Are You Ready To Open?

·         Once You Get The Location, Give Us The Address, And A Phone.

·         You Will Be Linked To Our Website With The Store Information: Www.Iamcreation.Org

·         You Will Have To Buy The Products From H.T.M

·         Any Other Products You Would Like To Sell Will Have To Be  Approved By H.T.M

·         A Monthly Quota (*N/A At This Time*)

·         Have You Owned Or Worked In A Bookstore Or Currently Either Or.

·         Equipment And Supplies (Book Shelves, Shopping Bags, Cash Registers, Etc.) And Where To Get Them.

·         Interior Design (Green, White, And Gold Are Our Ideal Colors But Not Mandatory)

·         When Considering A Location(s), Find Out Information On Permits And Leases.

·         Consider Offering Other Services At Your Bookstore. Schedule Book Readings And Book Signings. Offer Classes Or Seminars On Topics Appropriate To Your Bookstore's Niche.

·         Prior To Opening, Make Sure People In The Surrounding Community Know About Your New Bookstore. Consider Printing Fliers, Putting Ads Or Coupons In The Local Newspapers, Advertising Online, Or Holding A Grand Opening Sale.

·         Any Changes, Concerns, Comments, And Questions Contact H.T.M, By Phone, Email, Or Letter.

·         Also Set Up A Suite Number Or PO Box