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Unity: Commune With Unity - Our Community

The State Of Being United or Joined As a Whole
A Whole or Totality as Combining All Parts with One
Oneness of Mind, Feelings, Etc...”
A Number of Persons, Concord, Harmony, or Agreement
Oneness, Sameness, Agreement
Words Can Be Broken Down, And Altered to Fit Someone’s Feelings. Whether It Is Written Or Spoken, It Can Be Impacted On A Person Emotionally And Mentally.
(Commune with Unity ~ Community)
You Hear “How Do/Can I Say This?” Or “What Do/Can I Write?” It Is Quite Simple; In Art You Say This To Yourself:
Draw What You See” So In Turn “Write How You Feel

Speak With Your Heart
The Master Teacher Yaanun Zodok Wrote Many Scrolls For Us, They Were Written For Us To Study And Learn And To Teach Those Whom Are Still Bandaged, Those Who Are Asleep.
For The Better of a Family

Guide to Better Living – Purity & Neatness & Maintenance of Health
The Doctrine Is Not Only For Those Who Do Not Know The Truth; It Is Also For Those That Are Striving To Be The Best Examples.
This Includes Those Within That Are To Be Counted As Well As Those Outside Who Aspire To Enter Within And Are Seeking Right Knowledge And Will Eventually Adhere To The Laws Of The Most High And Become A Part Of The Family Of The Holy Tents Of Marduk, And By The Same Taken. Once You Are In You Should Not Make The Mistake That Most People Make, And Think You Have It Made. Just Because You Are A Part, Then You Lessen Your Aim To Purify Your Soul. For You Are the Same inside as You Are outside and that’s A Fact. Keep The Facts –As The Truth- As Goodness Living Together As One People. As A Nation, As A Family, As A Tribe, Of and By Each Other.
Facts Are Foundation on Which Build A Strong Community and Nation.
This Is For All Who Chose To Actually And Sincerely Read. It Is Not A Riddle Nor Do You Have To Decode Anything. It Seems Hidden To Those Who Chose To Skim Through Or Look Too Deep, Overpassing What Was Written For Something That Is Not.
The Answer Is Yet Ever Apparent, It Always Seems To Be Right Under Your Nose Literally.

El A’gul – The Mind
Scroll #16
*Freedom – Reality – Truth*
Pg.68 – Verse 39-47
39 - Although The Emotions Are Actually Attributes Of The Spiritual Body They Are Treated As If They Belonged To The Physical Body.
40 –For This Is Where Their Influences Are Directly Perceptible (Detectable).
41 –Because The Emotions Belong To The Ether Portion Of The Quintuplicated {Quin-Tu-Pli-Cate} (Multiplied By Five) Elements They Cannot Be The Self Which Breeds Selfishness.
42 –They Are Negated And Identification With Them Is Not Possible.
43 –Say “I Am Not These Emotions
44 –I Am Not These Actions
46 –I Am Above, Observing, Controlling, Witnessing
-This Is the Real, True, You-
47 –Abandon The Idea Of I-Ness And My-Ness And Identify With The Imperishable (Atom) You.

The “I” Principle Is A Very Dangerous Principle, For Those Who Resent It, Cool Your Ego. I Can Hear “But What About Me?” “I Have Feelings Too.”
Well, We All Do, We All Came from the Same Source. You Deny The Fact That We Are Brothers And Sisters Either Through Blood Or Even Bond.
This “I” Principle, Creating A Little You; Your Ego, As If It Was Special. Setting It on a Pedestal, and Worshipping It and Decorating Your “Self-Made” Image.
Our Master Teacher Yaanun Zodok Wasn’t Teaching About Bashing, Degrading, Or Harming Others; Or Telling Us To Tell Others That We Are Better Than This Person, A Group Of People, Etc. It Was For The Knowledge To Know, To Share And Spread The Truth.
Right Knowledge – Right Wisdom – Right Overstanding
Leading You to Right Consciousness

Guide to Better Living – Purity & Neatness & Maintenance of Health
Scroll #18
The Ego Is The Greatest Obstacle To Peace, For It Is Which Occupies The Mind With Whether We Are Better Or Worse. The Ego Is Attended By:

The Ego Is The Most Difficult Aspect Of The Mind To Control, For Its Nature Is Such That It Deludes (Or Mislead) Even While One Is Striving To Overcome It. When Ego Is Subdued Energies Can Then Be Utilized Constructively For Personal Growth And The Service Of Others.
(Refer To “The Mind”, Scroll #71 Written By Dr. Malachi Z York)

Truth & Fact
Refer To the Holy Tents of Marduk


“Faithfulness, Quality of Being True”
“Accuracy, Correctness”
The True or Actual State of a Matter
Conformity with Fact or Reality
A Verified – Indisputable Fact
Actuality or Actual Existence
Obvious or Accepted Fact
Honesty, Integrity, Truthfulness


1530s, "action," especially "evil deed," from Latin factum "event, occurrence," literally "thing done," neuter past participle of facere "to do". Usual modern sense of "thing known to be true" appeared 1630s, from notion of "something that has actually occurred." Facts of life "harsh realities" is from 1854

Something; a certain undetermined or unspecified thing
In some degree; to some extent; somewhat

To a high or extreme degree; quite

For Those Who Sat And Waited For The Next Scroll To Roll Out, You Most Likely Didn’t Have Your Pen And Paper. You Used Your Selective Hearing – Vision And Chose What You Wanted To Hear And Ran With It. This Is What These Fakers Who Call Scholars, Teachers, Know It All’s; Re-Writing Information, That You Have No Business to Alter.

It Is Like Guidance It Is For You To Follow To Get On The Right Path (Destiny). You Want To Make A Different Path (Fate).

Something Unavoidably Befalls A Person
Decreed Cause Of Events
Death, Destruction, Ruin
Predetermined Course
And Not Follow the Right Path

Something That Is To Happen or Has Happened
Predetermined, Usually Inevitable or Irresistible
Make Firm, Establish
You’re Destiny – Your Destination
Your Destined Nation
This Is Destiny, Hu Is Our Mission
Divine Love

El A’gul – The Mind
Scroll 18
5 – There Is No Knowledge Higher Than Love
6 – There Is No Treasure Higher Than Love, Because Love Is Truth, Love Is HU
11- Emotions Are Weaknesses
12 – And Must Not Be Equated With Divine Love
13 – Which Manifest As Peace and Joy
Take Heed
34 – The Barrier between the Individual Soul and Supreme Soul Is the Ego the Ever Present Enemy
35 – It Manifests As Feeling of Separateness
36 –Through Purification One Does Away With Feelings of Separation
37 – For In Ecstasy of Pure Love and Devotion
38 – The Consciousness Of The Individual Self Is Lost.

Guide to Better Living
Purity & Neatness & Maintenance of Health
: Except:
It Is The Ego That Separates The Individual From Unity With Others Making The Individual See Himself, Or Themselves As Better Or Different From Others. Nature Decrees That the Higher Species. Look after Its Brother's Life and Guard against Enemies. This Philosophy Being an Aider of Ansaarullah, And Not To Each His Own, Or False Loyalty. We As Children Of The Eloheem And The Children Of The Most High Are Responsible For The Other Animals Of This Most Beautiful Gift, The Planet Tiamat (Earth). Beware Of Introverts, Or Those Who Seem As Such. 

An Introvert Is A Person Whose Thoughts And Interests Are Directed Inward. They Can Be Hypocrites. Some Will Come Out Of Themselves When It Is Convenient For Them. They Hide From Society So That No One Can Ever Point The Finger At Them. But When It Comes To Something Or Someone That They Like. They Open Up and Let Loose. Some Open Up When It Is Time To Eat; They Become A Different Person. Introverts Do Not Want To Face Life. The Most High Does Not Intend For You To Be Alone, Sitting Off In A Corner Somewhere With Idle Minds. An Idle Mind Is The Evil One's Playground (Proverbs 19:15). Communicating With Others Daily Keeps Your Mind Free From Idleness


1714, As A Term In Metaphysics, From Latin Ego "I", Sense Of "Conceit" Is 1891. Ego Trip First Recorded 1969.
In The Book Of Egoism It Is Written, Possession Without Obligation To The Object Possessed Approaches Felicity.
[George Meredith, "The Egoist," 1879]
The “I” Or Self Of Any Person; A Person As Thinking, Feeling, And Willing, And Distinguishing Itself Fromthe Selves Of Others And From Objects Of Its Thought.
2. Psychoanalysis. The Part Of The Psychic Apparatus That Experiences And Reacts To The Outside World and Thus Mediates Between The Primitive Drives Of The Id And The Demands Of The Social And Physical Environment.
3. Egotism; Conceit; Self-Importance
4. Self-Esteem or Self-Image; Feelings

Guide to Better Living
Purity & Neatness & Maintenance of Health
: Except:
The Ego Can Be Uprooted By Subduing It And Suppressing It. It Demands Rigorous Introspection And .An Overhauling-Of One’s Personality, Life Patterns and Values. Behavior Correction And The Uprooting Of Weakness Are Relatively Easy Adjustments To Make. The Petty Obstinate Egoism Behind The Mask Of The Human Personality Is One Of The Biggest Hurdles To Overcome, For It Veils The Light Within, Supports Sur-Face Thoughts, And Perpetrates Its Own Habitual Feelings And Actions. Too Often People Profess Of Being Righteous, Yet They Are Unwilling To Eradicate The Lower Nature And Change The Old Habit: Clinging To Them They Refuse Even To Admit The Need For Change. This Type of Individual Will Never Make Any Real Progress, For Without Radical Transformation of the Lower Nature, One Goes Nowhere.

It Is Not Easy To Change Deeply Ingrained Habits, And The Sincere Person Who's Just Attempting To Change Often Feels Helpless Against Them. By Regular Spiritual Practice, Untiring Selfless Service, Association With Spiritually Minded People And Strong Determination To Eradicate Egoism A Powerful But Selfless Will Is Developed.  One Must Introspect and Discover All Weaknesses and Defects. The Transmitting Of A Lower Nature To A Higher Nature Demand Full And Heartfelt Dedication. Sometimes The Old Personality Attempts To Re-Establish Itself. Even After Years Of Purifying, Obstinately Self-Assertive, And Self Supportive By The Lower Mind And Will, It Can Make The Aspirant Incorrigible, Unruly Arrogant And Impertinent, Identifying With The Ego, He Or She Breaks All The Rules And Disciplines, Revolts Against All Things, And All Is Ever Ready To Fight With Those Who Are Unwilling 'To Respect His Or Her Views And Opinions. Wallowing In Self-Justification, And Denying Faults And Defects, The Person May Be Unaware Of The Effects Of His Or Her Actions, For The Intellect Has Been Clouded By Impurities, Not Knowing What He Or She Means And Not Meaning What He Or She Says, He Or She Is Too Self-Willed And Self-Satisfied To See The Error Of His Or Her Ways. One Who Is Not Straight-Forward And Cannot Keep Discipline Or Open His Or Her Heart To Others, Cannot Be Helped By Any Teacher. Nothing Can Help One Who Deliberately Shuts His Or Her Eyes Against The Truth. Such A Person, Instead Of Making Progress Along Life's Path, Remains Stuck In The Mirror Of His Or Her Own Creation. If There Is Any Recognition That Something Is Wrong, The Slightest Attempt To Improve, Or Even A Slightly Receptive Attitude, Then The Errors Can Be Corrected. One Who Is Frank With His Or Her Teacher And Him Or Herself, Begins To Realize The Nature And Source Of His Or Her Defects; He Or She Is Soon On The Way To Improving His Or Her Life
 With Words Whether Spoken Or Written You Can Pour Your Heart And Soul Into Them.
But Don’t Be Offended When These Words Are Taken Lightly Or Not Taken At All. For Those Who Chose To Listen Will Listen And Those Who Chose To Do Will Do. 


The World We Live in Has Caused You to Believe (Lie to Eve’s Children) That Natural Is Unnatural, Reversing Your Mind To Feel As Though We Are Limited to Nothing More Than 123 and ABC. This Is Why We Are Getting DNA Explosions When We See/Feel The Truth.

Guide to Better Living
Purity & Neatness & Maintenance of Health
: Except:
Belief Is Ignorance, To Ignore The Facts Intentionally Or Ignorantly. If One Has To Believe, It Means He Or She Does Not Know. And If One Does Not Know, That Is Ignorance. Hence, Belief Is Ignorance And Religious Beliefs without the Facts Is Ignorance (Refer To "Does Religion Breed Ignorance?" Scroll #98). The Most Deceptive Word In Religion Is "Believe" Or "Belief," Because A Person Can Believe Anything And This Means That A Person Can Believe And Be One Hundred Percent Wrong. But Knowledge Is Knowing, And Knowledge Is Correct Information. (Refer To "What Is Nuwau-Bu?"  Scroll #42) "To Know" Gives One Confidence, But Belief Infers Doubt. Knowledge Is Always Logical And It Reasons Out. Nuwaubu Is Also Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom And Right Overstanding It Is The Best Knowledge, Wisdom. When The Minds Of All Nubian (9 Ether Woolly-Haired People) With The Ability To Identify Themselves, Have Been Qualified By "Accepting And Diligently Studying The Scrolls. The Scrolls Are Not The Science Nuwaubu Itself, But Is The Diligent Reading And Diligent Study And Profound Overstanding Of These Scrolls That Will Open The Mind, Tear Down Barriers, And Qualify The Mind For The Universal Science Called Nuwaubu, Facts Beyond Any Doubt. As The Gate Of Mental Confinement Opens, Ignorance Will Flee.

The World Has Also Caused You to Believe That You Need to Add More, You’re Adding More Weight. It Is Time To Shed, It Is Time To Peel Off The Gunk Of This World Where You Are Constantly Being Bombarded With Trash – You Have To Act A Certain Way, Look A Certain Way And Feel A Certain Way. To Achieve A Certain Point In Life Where You Are Accepted Into This Society In The Truth Of The Matter That All These Things Are Being Added To Your Life It Is Not Needed For You Are The Natural As Natural Can Be. You Cannot Run From You, And What You Put On Doesn’t Define You.
Those Shoes That Watch, That Car, Your House, Your Money.
What Do They All Have In Common, Apparently Are Supposed To Bring You Happiness, It Is Has Been Documented Lottery Winners Have All These Materials And Life Hits Them:

And Suicide

*List of lottery Winnders And Their Tragic Fall*


You Have Been Slowly Killing The Real You, And The Likeness Of The Annunaki, Those Hu Made You.
Denying The Fact That This World Has Been Altered To Trap You Into The Unnatural. It Is Time To Start Waking Up And Unwrap Your Bandages, Walking Mummies. Shed Those Bandages from Your Vessel and Unlock Who You Are and Where You’re from. Distractions Are Distractions; No More Are We To Allow These Distractions To Break Our Focus For What Is In Store For Those Who Chose To Move On To Their Destiny.
Words Are Not To Be Taken Lightly And Action When Asked To Do So Is To Be Immediate.

It Is Now!!

You May Always Hear No Time To Wait, No Time.
You wait Until It’s Too Late and Regret That You Have Missed It. And Then You Go Waiting Again And Again And Again.
I Ask
When Is That Last Bandage Coming Off? 

To Truly See What Day And Time We Are In. How Many Deaths, And Rapes, And Thievery Are You Going To Keep Listening To, Watching, Or Even Being A Victim Too. How Much Can You Endure?
Now or Until You Last Breath?
Would My Message To You Stick And Impact You?
Or Later Would Seem To Be Just A Nice Topic To Like?
Or When Will You Stand And Wash This Filth We Allow Ourselves To Breathe And Roll Around, How Many Times Must They Stab Us With Needles Of Poison, Glue Us To The T.V And Alter Or Moods With Their Frequencies, When Will We Stand Up 

And Become  
Lu.Gals & Lu.Galts for the Most High
Together In Unity
Working For and By Each Other

Guide to Better Living
Purity & Neatness & Maintenance of Health
The Holy Tabernacle Family Guide
(Crimson Edition)
: Except:

 Always Remember Your True Purpose For Being There. You Have Chosen Of Your Own Free Will, To Submit To The Most High.

·       Your First Priority Is The Survival, Expansion And Advancement Of The Holy Tabernacle Ministries. To Achieve This Goal At No Price Is Too High, No Sacrifice Is Too Great, And We Will. And We Must Utilize Any And All Means Necessary To Achieve This Paramount Goal. Then And Only Then Can We Help All Others

·       To Enable Us To Achieve Our Own Success And Survival, We Must First And Foremost Get The Parasites Off Our Backs. For Too Many Years They Have Been The Scourge Of Our Family; Slandering, Backbiting, Dividing, Separating, Coming In, Going Out, Stealing From The Family, Misusing The Opposite Sex, Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing, “They Got To Go.”

·       We Accept As Fact That The Holy Tents Of Marduk Has A Definite Limit As To The Number Of People It Can Comfortably Feed, House And Accommodate. We Accept As Fact Of The Number, Once We Are In Charge Of Our Own Destiny, We Can Stabilize Our Population At That Number, And Through The Practice Of Eugenics, Constantly Upgrading The Health, Intelligence And Genetic Quality Of Our People; Thereby Building A Healthier, Happier And More Prosperous Life For Nature’s Finest For All Time To Come.

·       To Say That The Success Of The Holy Tents Of Marduk Movement Will Mean So Much To So Many Is An Under-Statement. Do Your Part. Help Bring It About.

·       There Will Never Be A Better Time To Get Our Act Together Than Now. All You Drop-Outs Who Could Not Wait To See The Master Plan, Now Is Your Time To Drop Your Pride. Come Home. The Hour Glass Is Almost Empty. We Will Not Get Another Chance To Forgive Each Other As A True Family.

·       We Want To Start Laying The Groundwork Now, For The Future And Use All Our Past Faults To Build For The Children As We Started Out In 1970 A.D.

·       Only A Better People Can Build A Better Community Without A Uncontaminated Family.

Open Your Eyes
Unwrap Your Bandages
The Time Is Nigh

-Sister Cole-
Lugalt Nun.Ti.Qi.Qur Zodok

One Heart One Tongue One Mind
Are You Ready To Commune In Unity With Family?

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